Our Team

Andy Chen | Founder and Chairman | Mastercard | Boston Consulting Group | Barclays Capital | Imperial College | Stanford University | AsiaTop Loyalty
Andy Chen
(Founder and Chairman)
Andy has developed his banking and consulting career through building new businesses and transforming enterprises into better and more successful ones.
For the last 20 years, he has led several transformation projects for FS conglomerates and successfully transformed a traditional global bank into a digital bank while he was the Associate Partner at BCG.
After he left consulting, he became the GM, Head of China, Mastercard Advisors, where he has built 3 new businesses and quadrupled the revenue since he has taken office.
More recently, Andy founded AsiaTop Loyalty as he believes technology would disrupt the market and resolved the pain points for the payment and loyalty industry he is so familiar with.
He has filed 2 patents related to IoT and blockchain and he also sits in various Fintech associations as Exco member.
Andy graduated with M.Eng from Imperial College and completed the Quantitative Finance cert at Stanford University. He is also a candidate for PhD in Finance at CCASS.

KS Chung | CFO | Edko Films Limited | TravelPort of Blackstone Group | PPG Industries | Broadway Group | AsiaTop Loyalty
KS Chung
(CFO & Co-founder)
K.S. has more than 20 years of extensive experience in financial strategy and planning, corporate finance and investment, and corporate governance. He previously held managerial position and played leadership role in Fortune 500 Companies, including PPG Industries and TravelPort of Blackstone Group.
Most recently, he was the VP-Finance of Blue Ocean Pay and CFO of Edko Films Limited and Broadway Group of Companies. He received his BSc (Hons) from the University of Ulster, and an Executive MBA from the Chinese University of HK. He is a fellow member of the HKICPA and a member of the AICPA.

Thomas Lee | COO and Co-founder | Deloitte | HACTL | EMBA CUHK | University of London | AsiaTop Loyalty
Thomas Lee
(COO & Co-founder)
Thomas has been working in IT&T industry for more than 23 years and has worked for Deloitte, BT, HACTL, ASL and Unisys. His last position was the Vice President, Business Enterprise, WTT. He was responsible to build up a new business model and organization focusing on existing and new large enterprises, focusing on 6 domains: cloud, security, datacenter, application development, infrastructure and network. Throughout his career Thomas has adviced enterprises on technology, people and processes. Especially on cyber risk and IT operational risk, technology risk advices and consultancy to the board of HK and MNC enterprises specialized in aviation, telecom, property, construction, logistic and Insurance industry, as well as to assist M&A initiatives.
Thomas possess experience in IT and operations in both buyer and vendor environments and had extensive experiences in Business Transformation, System Integration, Security consulting and Solutions, Information Technology Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Sales Operations and Business Development.
Thomas holds an Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration from Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master's Degree in Information Security from University of London.